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ctrl_reg Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

volatile u32 base_offset
volatile u16 cmd
volatile u16 cmd_status
u8 gen_output_AB
u32 int_input_clear
u32 int_mask
volatile u32 intr_loc
u32 led_control
u16 misc
volatile u8 msi_ctrl
u8 next_curr_freq
u32 non_int_input
volatile u8 prog_interface
u8 reserved0
u8 reserved1
u8 reserved10
u8 reserved11
u8 reserved12
u8 reserved13
u8 reserved2
u32 reserved3
u32 reserved4
u32 reserved5
u8 reserved6
u8 reserved7
u16 reserved8
u8 reserved9
u8 reset_freq_mode
volatile u16 sec_bus_config
volatile u32 serr_intr_enable
volatile u32 serr_loc
volatile u32 slot1
volatile u32 slot_avail1
volatile u32 slot_avail2
volatile u32 slot_config
u8 slot_enable
u8 slot_mask
u8 slot_power
u8 slot_RST
u8 slot_SERR

Detailed Description

Definition at line 121 of file cpqphp.h.

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