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Public Attributes

e1000_adapter Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

struct e1000_ring *tx_ring ____cacheline_aligned_in_smp
void(* alloc_rx_buf )(struct e1000_adapter *adapter, struct e1000_rx_ring *rx_ring, int cleaned_count)
u32 alloc_rx_buff_failed
int bars
u32 bd_number
struct timer_list blink_timer
bool(* clean_rx )(struct e1000_adapter *adapter, struct e1000_rx_ring *rx_ring, int *work_done, int work_to_do)
u64 colc_old
bool detect_tx_hung
struct work_struct downshift_task
u16 eeprom_vers
u32 eeprom_wol
struct e1000_infoei
u32 eiac_mask
u32 en_mng_pt
u8 fc_autoneg
bool fc_autoneg
unsigned long flags
unsigned int flags
unsigned int flags2
u32 gorc
u64 gorc_old
u32 gorcl
u64 gorcl_old
u32 gotc
u64 gotc_old
u32 gotcl
u64 gotcl_old
bool have_msi
struct e1000_hw hw
u64 hw_csum_err
u64 hw_csum_good
int int_mode
u32 itr
u32 itr_setting
struct work_struct led_blink_task
unsigned long led_status
u16 link_duplex
u16 link_speed
u32 max_frame_size
u32 max_hw_frame_size
u32 min_frame_size
u16 mng_vlan_id
int msg_enable
u32 msg_enable
struct msix_entry * msix_entries
struct napi_struct napi
int need_ioport
struct net_device_stats net_stats
struct net_device * netdev
int num_rx_queues
int num_tx_queues
u32 pba
bool pcix_82544
struct pci_dev * pdev
struct e1000_phy_info phy_info
struct timer_list phy_info_timer
struct e1000_phy_regs phy_regs
struct e1000_phy_stats phy_stats
bool quad_port_a
struct work_struct reset_task
unsigned int restart_queue
u32 rx_abs_int_delay
u32 rx_buffer_len
bool rx_csum
u32 rx_dma_failed
u64 rx_hdr_split
u32 rx_int_delay
u16 rx_itr
u16 rx_ps_bsize0
unsigned int rx_ps_pages
struct e1000_rx_ringrx_ring
struct e1000_ringrx_ring
bool smart_power_down
u32 smartspeed
unsigned long state
struct e1000_hw_stats stats
spinlock_t stats_lock
u32 test_icr
struct e1000_rx_ring test_rx_ring
struct e1000_ring test_rx_ring
struct e1000_ring test_tx_ring
struct e1000_tx_ring test_tx_ring
unsigned int total_rx_bytes
unsigned int total_rx_packets
unsigned int total_tx_bytes
unsigned int total_tx_packets
u64 tpt_old
bool tso_force
u32 tx_abs_int_delay
u32 tx_dma_failed
u32 tx_fifo_head
u32 tx_fifo_size
atomic_t tx_fifo_stall
struct timer_list tx_fifo_stall_timer
u32 tx_head_addr
u32 tx_int_delay
u16 tx_itr
unsigned long tx_queue_len
struct e1000_tx_ringtx_ring
u32 tx_timeout_count
u8 tx_timeout_factor
u32 txd_cmd
struct work_struct update_phy_task
struct vlan_group * vlgrp
struct work_struct watchdog_task
struct timer_list watchdog_timer
u32 wol

Detailed Description

Definition at line 226 of file e1000.h.

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