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eeprom_data Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

union {
u8 asicId [4]
struct eeprom_bios_cfg biosCfg_fn1
struct eeprom_bios_cfg biosCfg_fn3
u16 boardId
u8 boardIdStr [16]
u16 bufletCount
u16 bufletSize
u16 checksum
u8 data [EEPROM_SIZE]
u16 drbTableBaseHi
u16 drbTableBaseLo
u16 drbTableSize
u16 extHwConfig
struct eeprom_function_cfg funcCfg_fn0
struct eeprom_function_cfg funcCfg_fn1
struct eeprom_function_cfg funcCfg_fn2
struct eeprom_function_cfg funcCfg_fn3
u16 ipHashTableBaseHi
u16 ipHashTableBaseLo
u16 ipHashTableSize
u16 ipReassemblyTimeout
u16 ipSecurity
unsigned long last_updated [8]
struct eeprom_port_cfg macCfg_port0
struct eeprom_port_cfg macCfg_port1
enum eeprom_nature nature
u16 ncbTableBaseHi
u16 ncbTableBaseLo
u16 ncbTableSize
u8 oemSpace [432]
u16 qDebug [8]
u16 reserved_1022
u8 reserved_1024 [464]
u16 reserved_142 [4]
u16 reserved_1534
u8 reserved_1536 [432]
u8 reserved_156 [294]
u16 reserved_510
u8 serialNumber [16]
u16 tcpHashTableBaseHi
u16 tcpHashTableBaseLo
u16 tcpHashTableSize
u16 tcpMaxWindowSize
u16 tcpWindowThreshold0
u16 tcpWindowThreshold25
u16 tcpWindowThreshold50
struct mutex update_lock
u8 valid
u16 version_and_numPorts
u8 asic_id [4]
u16 board_id
u16 bufletPauseThreshold
u16 etherMtu
u16 ext_hw_conf
u8 mac0 [6]
u8 mac1 [6]
u8 mac2 [6]
u8 mac3 [6]
u16 macConfig
u32 net_ip_addr0
u32 net_ip_addr1
u16 phyConfig
u8 reserved
u8 reserved_5
u16 reserved_56
struct bios_params sBIOSParams_fn1
struct bios_params sBIOSParams_fn3
u32 scsi_ip_addr0
u32 scsi_ip_addr1
u8 serial_number [EEPROM_SERIAL_NUM_SIZE]
u16 signature
u16 subsysDeviceId_f0
u16 subsysDeviceId_f1
u16 subsysVendorId_f0
u16 subsysVendorId_f1
u16 tcpMaxWindowSizeHi
u16 tcpMaxWindowSizeLo
u8 unused_1 [EEPROM_UNUSED_1_SIZE]
u8 unused_2 [EEPROM_UNUSED_2_SIZE]
u8 unused_3 [EEPROM_UNUSED_3_SIZE]
u8 unused_4 [EEPROM_UNUSED_4_SIZE]
u8 version

Detailed Description

Definition at line 49 of file eeprom.c.

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