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hw Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int(* amixer_commit_write )(struct hw *hw, unsigned int idx, void *blk)
unsigned int(* amixer_get_dirty )(void *blk)
int(* amixer_get_y )(void *blk)
int(* amixer_mgr_get_ctrl_blk )(void **rblk)
int(* amixer_mgr_put_ctrl_blk )(void *blk)
int(* amixer_rsc_get_ctrl_blk )(void **rblk)
int(* amixer_rsc_put_ctrl_blk )(void *blk)
int(* amixer_set_dirty )(void *blk, unsigned int flags)
int(* amixer_set_dirty_all )(void *blk)
int(* amixer_set_iv )(void *blk, unsigned int iv)
int(* amixer_set_mode )(void *blk, unsigned int mode)
int(* amixer_set_sadr )(void *blk, unsigned int sadr)
int(* amixer_set_se )(void *blk, unsigned int se)
int(* amixer_set_x )(void *blk, unsigned int x)
int(* amixer_set_y )(void *blk, unsigned int y)
int(* card_init )(struct hw *hw, struct card_conf *info)
int(* card_stop )(struct hw *hw)
enum CHIPTYP chip_type
int(* dai_commit_write )(struct hw *hw, unsigned int idx, void *blk)
int(* dai_get_ctrl_blk )(void **rblk)
int(* dai_put_ctrl_blk )(void *blk)
int(* dai_srt_set_drat )(void *blk, unsigned int drat)
int(* dai_srt_set_ec )(void *blk, unsigned int ec)
int(* dai_srt_set_et )(void *blk, unsigned int et)
int(* dai_srt_set_rsr )(void *blk, unsigned int rsr)
int(* dai_srt_set_srcm )(void *blk, unsigned int src)
int(* dai_srt_set_srco )(void *blk, unsigned int src)
int(* daio_mgr_commit_write )(struct hw *hw, void *blk)
int(* daio_mgr_dao_init )(void *blk, unsigned int idx, unsigned int conf)
int(* daio_mgr_dsb_dai )(void *blk, unsigned int idx)
int(* daio_mgr_dsb_dao )(void *blk, unsigned int idx)
int(* daio_mgr_enb_dai )(void *blk, unsigned int idx)
int(* daio_mgr_enb_dao )(void *blk, unsigned int idx)
int(* daio_mgr_get_ctrl_blk )(struct hw *hw, void **rblk)
int(* daio_mgr_put_ctrl_blk )(void *blk)
int(* daio_mgr_set_imapaddr )(void *blk, unsigned int addr)
int(* daio_mgr_set_imaparc )(void *blk, unsigned int slot)
int(* daio_mgr_set_imapnxt )(void *blk, unsigned int next)
int(* dao_commit_write )(struct hw *hw, unsigned int idx, void *blk)
int(* dao_get_ctrl_blk )(void **rblk)
int(* dao_get_spos )(void *blk, unsigned int *spos)
int(* dao_put_ctrl_blk )(void *blk)
int(* dao_set_spos )(void *blk, unsigned int spos)
unsigned int(* get_wc )(struct hw *hw)
int(* have_digit_io_switch )(struct hw *hw)
unsigned long io_base
int irq
void(* irq_callback )(void *data, unsigned int bit)
void * irq_callback_data
int(* is_adc_source_selected )(struct hw *hw, enum ADCSRC source)
unsigned long mem_base
enum CTCARDS model
struct pci_dev * pci
int(* pll_init )(struct hw *hw, unsigned int rsr)
int(* select_adc_source )(struct hw *hw, enum ADCSRC source)
int(* set_timer_irq )(struct hw *hw, int enable)
int(* set_timer_tick )(struct hw *hw, unsigned int tick)
int(* src_commit_write )(struct hw *hw, unsigned int idx, void *blk)
unsigned int(* src_dirty_conj_mask )(void)
int(* src_get_ca )(struct hw *hw, unsigned int idx, void *blk)
unsigned int(* src_get_dirty )(void *blk)
int(* src_mgr_commit_write )(struct hw *hw, void *blk)
int(* src_mgr_dsb_src )(void *blk, unsigned int idx)
int(* src_mgr_enb_src )(void *blk, unsigned int idx)
int(* src_mgr_enbs_src )(void *blk, unsigned int idx)
int(* src_mgr_get_ctrl_blk )(void **rblk)
int(* src_mgr_put_ctrl_blk )(void *blk)
int(* src_rsc_get_ctrl_blk )(void **rblk)
int(* src_rsc_put_ctrl_blk )(void *blk)
int(* src_set_bm )(void *blk, unsigned int bm)
int(* src_set_bp )(void *blk, unsigned int bp)
int(* src_set_ca )(void *blk, unsigned int ca)
int(* src_set_cisz )(void *blk, unsigned int cisz)
int(* src_set_clear_zbufs )(void *blk, unsigned int clear)
int(* src_set_dirty )(void *blk, unsigned int flags)
int(* src_set_dirty_all )(void *blk)
int(* src_set_ie )(void *blk, unsigned int ie)
int(* src_set_ilsz )(void *blk, unsigned int ilsz)
int(* src_set_la )(void *blk, unsigned int la)
int(* src_set_pitch )(void *blk, unsigned int pitch)
int(* src_set_pm )(void *blk, unsigned int pm)
int(* src_set_rom )(void *blk, unsigned int rom)
int(* src_set_rsr )(void *blk, unsigned int rsr)
int(* src_set_sa )(void *blk, unsigned int sa)
int(* src_set_sf )(void *blk, unsigned int sf)
int(* src_set_st )(void *blk, unsigned int st)
int(* src_set_state )(void *blk, unsigned int state)
int(* src_set_vo )(void *blk, unsigned int vo)
int(* src_set_wr )(void *blk, unsigned int wr)
int(* srcimp_mgr_commit_write )(struct hw *hw, void *blk)
int(* srcimp_mgr_get_ctrl_blk )(void **rblk)
int(* srcimp_mgr_put_ctrl_blk )(void *blk)
int(* srcimp_mgr_set_imapaddr )(void *blk, unsigned int addr)
int(* srcimp_mgr_set_imaparc )(void *blk, unsigned int slot)
int(* srcimp_mgr_set_imapnxt )(void *blk, unsigned int next)
int(* srcimp_mgr_set_imapuser )(void *blk, unsigned int user)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file cthardware.h.

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