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Public Attributes

link Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

u32 abort_limit
u32 addr
struct link_ant ant
int avg_rssi
struct bearerb_ptr
int blocked
u32 checkpoint
u32 continuity_interval
u32 count
u32 deferred_inqueue_sz
struct sk_buffdefragm_buf
u32 exp_msg_count
struct sk_bufffirst_out
u32 fsm_msg_cnt
ncrcmd l_cmd
ncrcmd l_paddr
struct sk_bufflast_out
u32 last_retransmitted
struct list_head link_list
u32 long_msg_seq_no
u32 max_pkt
u32 max_pkt_probes
u32 max_pkt_target
struct tipc_media_addr media_addr
char name [TIPC_MAX_LINK_NAME]
struct sk_buffnewest_deferred_in
u32 next_in_no
struct sk_buffnext_out
u32 next_out_no
struct sk_buffoldest_deferred_in
u32 out_queue_size
struct tipc_nodeowner
u32 peer_bearer_id
u32 peer_session
struct tipc_msg * pmsg
struct print_buf print_buf
u32 priority
struct {
   unchar   body [TIPC_MAX_IF_NAME]
   unchar   hdr [INT_H_SIZE]
struct sk_buffproto_msg_queue
struct link_qual qual
u32 queue_limit [15]
u32 reset_checkpoint
u32 retransm_queue_head
u32 retransm_queue_size
int rx_percentage
u32 stale_count
int started
int state
struct {
   u32   accu_queue_sz
   u32   bearer_congs
   u32   deferred_recv
   u32   duplicates
   u32   link_congs
   u32   max_queue_sz
   u32   msg_length_counts
   u32   msg_length_profile [7]
   u32   msg_lengths_total
   u32   queue_sz_counts
   u32   recv_bundled
   u32   recv_bundles
   u32   recv_fragmented
   u32   recv_fragments
   u32   recv_info
   u32   recv_nacks
   u32   recv_probes
   u32   recv_states
   u32   retransmitted
   u32   sent_acks
   u32   sent_bundled
   u32   sent_bundles
   u32   sent_fragmented
   u32   sent_fragments
   u32   sent_info
   u32   sent_nacks
   u32   sent_probes
   u32   sent_states
struct timer_list timer
u32 tolerance
int tx_percentage
u32 unacked_window
struct list_head waiting_ports
struct delayed_work work

Detailed Description

Definition at line 270 of file rt2x00.h.

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