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Public Attributes

qeth_card Struct Reference

Collaboration diagram for qeth_card:
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List of all members.

Public Attributes

struct list_head cmd_waiter_list
struct qeth_channel data
struct net_device * dev
struct qeth_discipline discipline
atomic_t force_alloc_skb
struct ccwgroup_devicegdev
struct qeth_card_info info
struct list_head ip_list
spinlock_t ip_lock
struct list_headip_tbd_list
struct qeth_ipato ipato
struct work_struct kernel_thread_starter
int lan_online
struct list_head list
spinlock_t lock
struct list_head mc_list
spinlock_t mclock
struct qeth_card_options options
struct qeth_osn_info osn_info
struct qeth_perf_stats perf_stats
struct qeth_qdio_info qdio
struct service_level qeth_service_level
struct qeth_channel read
struct qeth_seqno seqno
enum qeth_card_states state
struct net_device_stats stats
unsigned long thread_allowed_mask
spinlock_t thread_mask_lock
unsigned long thread_running_mask
unsigned long thread_start_mask
struct qeth_token token
int use_hard_stop
struct list_head vid_list
struct vlan_group * vlangrp
spinlock_t vlanlock
wait_queue_head_t wait_q
struct qeth_channel write

Detailed Description

Definition at line 688 of file qeth_core.h.

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