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sk_buff Struct Reference

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Public Member Functions

 kmemcheck_bitfield_begin (flags1)
 kmemcheck_bitfield_begin (flags2)
 kmemcheck_bitfield_end (flags2)
 kmemcheck_bitfield_end (flags1)

Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      __u16   csum_offset
      __u16   csum_start
   __wsum   csum
unsigned long _skb_dst
char cb [48]
__u8 cloned:1
unsigned char * data
unsigned int data_len
void(* destructor )(struct sk_buff *skb)
struct net_device * dev
sk_buff_data_t end
__u8 fclone:2
__u16 hdr_len
unsigned char * head
int iif
__u8 ip_summed:2
__u8 ipvs_property:1
unsigned int len
__u8 local_df:1
sk_buff_data_t mac_header
__u16 mac_len
__u32 mark
sk_buff_data_t network_header
struct sk_buffnext
__u8 nf_trace:1
__u8 nfctinfo:3
__u8 nohdr:1
__u8 peeked:1
__u8 pkt_type:3
struct sk_buffprev
__u32 priority
__be16 protocol
__u16 queue_mapping
struct socksk
sk_buff_data_t tail
sk_buff_data_t transport_header
unsigned int truesize
ktime_t tstamp
atomic_t users
__u16 vlan_tci

Detailed Description

Definition at line 314 of file skbuff.h.

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